Manzana tips and tricks #5

November 12, 2008

This month’s tips and tricks take a look at nifty little short cuts that make using your IWB that much easier. A fancy way of touching your board Here is a trick that is set to make you the coolest IWB user in the school. Want to move an object from one part of the […]

The art of Math

October 30, 2008

Over time there has always been one defining factor at schools: most kids have ‘reserved’ feelings towards math. Maybe it’s the number factor, maybe it’s the equations or maybe it’s the fact that x + y shouldn’t equal anything because they are letters. But Manzana is proud to offer the hard working math teachers of this country […]

Manzana Tips and tricks #4

October 21, 2008

Manzana’s tips and tricks #4 Taking the roll everyday through the use of your IWB This months trick is an easy to create and neat way of taking the roll every morning through your interactive whiteboard. You simply create a scene (e.g. a tree) and below the scene you place relating items (e.g. birds). The key is […]

Manzana would like to congratulate JULIE KING for becoming the lucky winner of the 2Touch wireless slate with 2Touch workbook. Julie was placed in the running for the slate after she attended the 2Touch launch night held at Manzana’s offices. A current member of staff at Sommerville Special School, Julie, attended the 2Touch evening to […]

Bea’s tips and tricks #3

September 9, 2008

Bea’s tip this month is all about creating a very easy but effective classroom activity devised around hiding and matching text. The first step is to simply think of an easy matching exercise that you can do on any interactive whiteboard software. For example, you have two groups of words, one group beginning with the letter ‘A’ […]

With the escalation in adoption of interactive whiteboards (IWBs), debate has intensified on the choice between pen-controlled and touch interfaces.  Now, new optical touch technology developed down-under transforms the iwb from a specialised appliance, to an integrated part of everyday furniture.

Manzana is pleased to announce that as of immediately we will now be supplying New Zealand schools and businesses with the kiwi made interactive whiteboard, 2Touch. Built on advanced  optical technology, 2Touch also requires no special drivers or software to be installed.  

Voting systems seem to have “come out of the woodwork” over the past two years, and now various solutions are available to meet the basic needs.

However, as with any new category, interested educators and trainers should closely consider their objectives when choosing a student response solution. The technologies have evolved admirably to deliver most wishes, but because how the solutions will be used in classrooms varies immensely, no one solution will meet all wishes.

Vendors too often emphasise features only available for their solutions, with the result that educators may not discover opportunities to meet their needs better.

Formative assessment is properly regarded as a key to achieving significant step-wise improvements in student learning outcomes. However, the embedding of formative assessment techniques present many challenges. Several leading NZ schools are now using student response systems combined with enabling software, to embed formative assessment into everyday classroom practices.

The research is definitive:  properly used, student response systems such as CPS enable educators to achieve startling improvements in learning outcomes with their classes.  Is this surprising?It shouldn’t be.  Only by adopting these solutions can educators (and the group as a whole) achieve instant regular feedback on the class’ readiness and understanding of the topic.  […]

In December Manzana introduced the first batch of digital clipboards to its clients around New Zealand.  Manzana’s Digital Clipboard allows a user to write using ordinary ink on ordinary paper, but enjoy the privilege of saving a digital copy of this and being able to edit it later.   This is the perfect tool for capturing notes […]

As of 1 January, Manzana has relocated to new offices at 192C Wairau Rd, Wairau Valley on Auckland’s North Shore.The new premises provide for a warehouse facility, a dedicated training area, and larger, more comfortable air conditioned offices for the expanding team.  Parking on site and nearby street parking will accommodate groups of visitors comfortably.  […]

King of Quiz

March 17, 2005

Whangaparaoa Primary School principal Steve Collins was a winner at the Learn @ Schools Conference, in Rotorua (February 2005). He competed against other principals in a general knowledge quiz run on a Classroom Performance System (CPS).  The contest ran throughout the three day conference. Semi-finals were held each day to whittle down the participants. Eighteen finalists […]