The 2Touch IWBs have been remarkably resilient and reliable over the years, and many continue in use today with minimal need for ongoing support. Although spare parts and relevant support tools have been kept, inevitably these too will eventually be exhausted. Until then, the following links and articles will hopefully enable customers to maintain and continue to use their 2Touch IWB’s.

My Beeping 2Touch IWB

Your 2Touch IWB is equipped with a simple buzzer which emits tones depending on certain conditions.   There are two normal operating conditions in which you should hear tones from your 2Touch iwb: Calibration tones: When calibrating, a high tone indicates that the calibration mode has been launched, and a low tone indicates the calibration mode …

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Calibrating Hints & Tricks

I can’t say this for other brands of interactive whiteboard, but so far as 2Touch IWB’s are concerned, calibration is always successful if done correctly. There is no deterioration over time so your 2Touch iwb will perform as accurately after 10 or 20 years, as it did when brand new.

Caring for your 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard

Caring for your 2Touch IWB is easy and care-free. The porcelain steel surface is impervious to all of the usual glass cleaners: these work a treat when removing stubborn ink stains.  An isopropyl alcohol based fluid is ideal.  Do not use abrasives or scourers as these might scratch the enamel surface of the whiteboard.