Connecting a Mac computer to a 2Touch IWB

The 2Touch IWB (models 2102 and 2150, produced up until 2015) is compatible to both Windows and Mac operating systems.  However, it can be configured either

  • as optimised for multi-touch on Windows (in which case it will not run on Mac OS), or
  • as compatible for both platforms (in which case the multi-touch functionality is disabled).

Here is what to do if you have a Mac computer you want to conect to an IWB which has previously been working well with Windows computers:

Firstly, you need to determine whether the iwb is configured to be compatible to both platforms.   Connect the unit to your Mac.  Then try pressing the calibration switch.  Does the mouse cursor on screen jump to a position near the top left of the screen?

IF YES – your iwb is configured to be compatible to both Windows and Mac.  Just calibrate by following these instructions.  You’ll then be ready to go.

IF NO – you will need to configure the iwb.

Configuring the firmware on the 2Touch iwb is easy, but the utility used is old now, is no longer supported, and has not been validated against current versions of Windows.  It has been used many times on Windows versions up to and including Windows 10, however as no formal testing has been performed and it is no longer under support, there can be no guarantees on your experience.  If you choose to proceed with the following instructions it is entirely at your own risk:

  1. On a Windows computer, download and install USB Config utility:
  2. Connect the iwb to the Windows computer.  Make sure connection is direct to the iwb via usb, ie not through any extenders, hubs, cat5 converters etc..
  3. In Start>AllPrograms> look for program group NextWindow>Touch+ 2.9. Click on “USB Config” to run it.
  4. Go to mouse tab and locate USB modifiers box – bottom right.
  5. Place tick in the enable Mac box.
  6. Save and close

Note – this disables the mutli-touch Windows 7 functionality, however normal touch-as-mouse (ie using HID) will work fine on both mac and Windows.  If dual touch Windows 7 is required then must un-tick the Mac compatibility check box.