Free Algebra Question Banks

Chatting with a customer before Christmas, he enthused on how useful it would be to have large banks of maths practice questions appropriate to his college classes. These could easily be included in contests and games which motivate students to have fun practicing algebra through the term.

Here at Xorro, from concept to reality can take a day or two… This week we uploaded 2800 linear equations problems (in five levels of difficulty) and 2095 problems around factorising and expanding quadratic equations (in 7 levels of difficulty). These resources are shared globally in your Q-Bank. It’s free for any educator to use.

Here are some great ways to use this resource:

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Q-Launcher: The Easy Start to Audience Participation

Download and install Q-Launcher……  At the start of class…. When you want to ask a question…..  Your audience answers…. Using open text answers…. <Moving on….. At the end of the session…. Download and install Q-Launcher:   Let’s start by logging in to your Facilitator Home Page at http://qf.xorro.com.  On the right hand side of the page, you’ll find

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