Label questions in Xorro-Q

Xorro-Q’s New Label Questions Add Flexibility and Speed

In September Xorro quietly released label questions for the Xorro-Q audience assessment platform.  Label questions provide a flexible and fast assessment tool suited to any topic.  The label question concept in Xorro-Q can be applied to a range of needs, from cloze-activities for test phrase completion in language learners through to assessing visual interpretation of an image or map.

Xorro-Q’s label questions follow similar assessment rules to open text response questions.  Multiple labels can be applied to any image.; there is one score per label. Each label can be associated with multiple “correct” answer terms.  Enterring any of these terms into the label will win the participant the available score.

Try out a sampler activity including five label questions.

Check out the tutorial video on how to make label questions in Xorro-Q …. It’s fast and easy!

If you’re not already a Xorro-Q Facilitator, join up for free here.  A Free facilitator access is enough to run these with small groups of up to 33 participants, asking no more than 100 questions per month.