About Manzana: Your Partner in Participation!


Our goal is to help you to engage, motivate and retain your audience.

Why Audience Participation Matters to You

Engaging your audience (students, customers, employees, partners, fans, the public, etc) is critical to your business. Unless you can capture and retain their attention, today’s audiences quickly move on to more attractive fields.  Achieving, and maintaining, excellent engagement is essential to your brand.  It may be the only thing that uniquely sets you apart from the competition.

The good news is, you have audiences today.  Whenever (and wherever) groups of people gather, they do  so through some common interest..  The context depends on your industry: it may be a lecture, a presentation, classroom, a brainstorming session, a conference or an exhibition.  The members of your audience may be well known to you, or they may not.  They might be physically present, or they might be little more than a name on the other side of the world.  They are there, now, to hear your message.

Unfortunately, all too often such events lack inclusion opportunities.  The audience’s experience is passive and  observational, rather than participative. In the few cases where participation is sought, the attempt is clumsy, invasive, boring or even intimidating. As a result, the invaluable benefits from interactions are lost, and such a clumsy attempt might even set you back.

Audiences love participation: Any opportunity to apply the key points of the current presentation, lesson or speech content is welcome relief from the deluge of information overload.  Studies repeatedly prove that on no account should you allow ten minutes of “delivery” to pass, without at least one audience participation opportunity to lift attention and re-engage.
By achieving the active involvement of your audience in your questions and activities, you will be sure to engage, motivate and ultimately, retain their attention.

About Manzana

Speakers, educators and event organisers need non-invasive,  spontaneous and – yes, really – fun ways of participating.  These mustn’t be onerous on the presenter, and they must efficiently collect the powerful analytical data we all need, without interfering at all in the communication.

Manzana is all about helping you to engage, motivate and retain any audience.  We want you to achieve better outcomes from, and through, people working in groups.

Our solutions make it possible, and motivational, for groups of people to collaborate and achieve better through participation together.  They help to dissolve the typical dynamic between an organisation and its audience.  Abandon those tedious monologue presentations from the front;  escape the bored, glazed look in your audience’s eyes.  By replacing these relics with a continuous loop of feedback and participation, you capture attention and create a memorable experience, as well as learning invaluable data from your customers.

Manzana provides the hardware (interactive displays and whiteboards), the software (Xorro whiteboarding, mind mapping and participation tools), and the professional services (webinars, on-site professional development workshops and consultation)  to make auction involvement a practical reality in your setting.

Are you interested in learning more?  Please contact us!