Manzana has been supporting New Zealand’s education and training sectors since 2001. We introduced Smartboards to New Zealand, later developing the 2Touch interactive whiteboard. Today Manzana continues as the New Zealand supplier for Xorro Solutions and for Zinterlock.

Zinterlock Split Batten Hanger Brackets

Zinterlock is an aluminum split batten hanging solution (also known as a french cleat). Use Zinterlockto securely mount large, fragile or valuable items such as wall panels, displays, artworks and sculptures, mirrors, bed ends, appliances and TVs.

Two pieces of Zinterlock interlock with each other, and can be optionally locked together by inserting a security pin. Attach one piece of Zinterlock to the item to be suspended, and the other piece to the wall or post. Lift your item on to the wall or post to connect the two pieces of Zinterlock. Insert the optional pin to lock it in place against lifting due to accident or earthquake.

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Xorro Workbook

Xorro Workbook is whiteboarding software for Windows. Use Workbook to bring touch or pen enabled surfaces to life!

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Xorro-Q enables audience participation and assessments for any group. Ideal for lectures, conferences, training.

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