Wordwall is the activity generation software that makes it so simply for teachers to involve every student in fun, engaging activities around their lesson content. Wordwall can be used on just the teacher’s computer, and via any interactive whiteboard or display. Wordwall can also be accessed by students using their own devices (Wordwall Anywhere), or using clickers (Wordpads).


Wordwall activity generation software allows teachers to freedom to create classroom resources, edit resources and play them.  Teachers use Wordwall to instantly create and run interactive games and educational activities.

Wordwall Goes Browser 

Wordwall has just announced the release of a subscription access to their popular Wordwall activities. Now students can access Wordwall activities from any browser-capable device. To complement the service, Wordwall is introducing new Android based devices pre-loaded with Wordwall subscriptions…..

The most powerful student response solution returns for round 2.0

Student participation experts WordWall have just released their next generation of handheld clicker and interactive interface in a joint WordWall 2.0 launch. Giving themselves a massive facelift, WordWall has introduced influential changes to both their interface software and hand-held clickers.  Continuing their focus on student participation whilst also taking their interactive interface a huge step forward and …

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