Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are commonly referred to as smartboards. The 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard provides finger-touch interaction to any computer off of a quality porcelain steel whiteboarding surface, without needing to install any special driver software onto the computer.

Caring for your 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard

Caring for your 2Touch IWB is easy and care-free. The porcelain steel surface is impervious to all of the usual glass cleaners: these work a treat when removing stubborn ink stains.  An isopropyl alcohol based fluid is ideal.  Do not use abrasives or scourers as these might scratch the enamel surface of the whiteboard.

New lightweight whiteboards 

In a new development, Manzana is offering its ultra-flat aluminium honeycomb based whiteboard panels for use as standard whiteboards. With increasing use of ultra-short-throw projectors, customers need to ensure that these project onto flat whiteboard surfaces in order to avoid waviness of straight lines on spreadsheets and documents.

A new browser-enabled whiteboarding solution from Xorro 

The same team that developed 2Touch Workbook has now produced a fresh perspective on whiteboarding software. The new solution will run in any browser supported by Mac or Windows, making this very easily deployed and accessed. It can run off-line too, however but the new solution’s browser parentage offers many benefits around integrating web based content into activities. Early adopters are called upon to register their interest in the beta program leading up to full release of this solution.

New horizons for touch enabled interactive whiteboards 

With the escalation in adoption of interactive whiteboards (IWBs), debate has intensified on the choice between pen-controlled and touch interfaces.  Now, new optical touch technology developed down-under transforms the iwb from a specialised appliance, to an integrated part of everyday furniture.