Manzana Tip and Tricks #6

December’s tips and tricks + Download of the month

Interactive Whiteboard tips

Dragging the correct answers into the correct box
Here is a handy trick for when you have an object/question with a list of possible answers and you want your students to work out which are right and which are wrong.
You list your possible answers to one side of the screen, making sure that there is a mix of wrong and right answers, and a filled in object/picture (area for dragging the answers into) on the other side. Now for all the right answer(s) right click on them and then highlight Order – Bring to front and for the wrong answer(s) right click and Order – Send to back. Now when the students come to the board and drag an answer across to the object, if they got the answer correct it will remain in front of the object, if they got it incorrect the answer will disappear (or vice versa you could have the correct disappear and incorrect stay visible).

Basic example
• You have a map of Australia and a list of 5 countries (one of which is Australia)
• Your students must then come up to the board and drag the name of the country onto the map to see whether they know that it’s Australia.
• When the student drags ‘Australia’ on to the map it will remain in front of the picture to signify that they got the question right, if they drag England it will end up hiding behind the picture.

This is a fantastic tip for various exercises such as ‘which ones are prime numbers’, ‘which towns are in the North Island’ (picture of north island), or learning punctuation.

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                    trick for the month

If you want to bring up information that you typically get from rolling your mouse over an icon (e.g. the function of an icon) then simply touch the area of your 2Touch board that is not part of the projected interactive surface and then drag over the icon you wish to see the info.