Manzana Tips and tricks #4

Manzana’s tips and tricks #4 

Taking the roll everyday through the use of your IWB 

This months trick is an easy to create and neat way of taking the roll every morning through your interactive whiteboard. You simply create a scene (e.g. a tree) and below the scene you place relating items (e.g. birds). The key is to now attach each students name to the individual items (one name per bird) and as each child comes into the class they drag their bird and fly them up to the tree to signify that they are in class. 

Simply open up a blank page on what ever IWB software that you use. Now a popular choice for this exercise is birds up a tree. 
Step 1: 
Choose your background colour, in this case a nice light blue sky 
Step 2: 
Import a picture of a tree, these can come from anywhere: your IWB software package, the net or the clip art on your computer. Make sure the tree takes up a good amount on the page. 
Step 3: 
Find a nice picture of a bird and import that onto your page. 
Step 4: 
Copy and paste a bird for every member of your class. 
Step 5: 
Individually type every student’s name onto the page. Attach each students name to its own bird by moving the name over the bird and grouping the two together. 
Step 6: 
Now line up all the birds along the bottom of the page. Now when each student comes into class they can move their bird from the bottom of the page into the tree. 

You can use a variety of ideas for creating this. You can have cows that get moved into paddock for the day, cars that can be placed on a winding road, rugby players/balls from the grandstand onto the rugby field, it’s really up to you and your imagination. 

Although a basic concept it’s a fantastic way of getting younger students up to the interactive whiteboard everyday.