Julie King takes home the top prize thanks to Manzana and 2Touch

Manzana would like to congratulate JULIE KING for becoming the lucky winner of the 2Touch wireless slate with 2Touch workbook. Julie was placed in the running for the slate after she attended the 2Touch launch night held at Manzana’s offices.

A current member of staff at Sommerville Special School, Julie, attended the 2Touch evening to catch a glimpse of the New Zealand made 2Touch board and see how it could benefit her students. Although leaving the launch moments before the draw, Julie was phoned the following day by a fellow launch attendee and informed of the good news.

Upon receiving the 2Touch slate, Julie, was kind enough to mention her encouraging thoughts towards the 2Touch board. Julie commented that the “ability to register two touches at once” and “the changing between an interactive whiteboard to a standard marker whiteboard” were what stood out most for her.

2Touch Wireless

The Bluetooth wireless slate lets you write and draw to the projected screen while walking around, with a range of 10m. The low cost and sturdy portability of the wireless slate make these ideal as a shareable input device.

For further information on the wireless slate email Manzana sales@manzana.co.nz or give us a call on 09 440 9988.