The official launch party of an education revolution 

What happens when an organisation has a brand new, New Zealand made, interactive whiteboard that offers educators flexibility never before seen?
Well, you throw a party of course and that’s exactly what Manzana did.

On Thursday the 25th of September Manzana’s offices played host to the launching of 2Touch, the next evolution of the interactive whiteboard. With a boardroom full of eager educators, they were treated to not only a demonstration from the interactive whiteboard wizard himself, Pablo Garcia, but free wine and cheese of course.

On his very own “2Touch baby”, Pablo was able to engage the audience through his expert knowledge and insight of the optical touch solution. Pablo used the first part of the launch to delve into the reasons behind the initial development of the 2Touch board and its optical technology, as well as the reasoning behind the depth of the user flexibility.

With the placement of two optical cameras either side of the board, the attendees were able to see how each camera picked up the position of the users touch. Pablo then proceeded to demonstrate 2Touch Workbook in action. The 2Touch workbook offers an empty template from which you can work your lessons around. 2Touch workbook also has the ability for users to custom their tool bars with key web links, network folders or even their favourite pictures.

In the second part of the launch all attendees directly participate with the attention swinging from Pablo to the audiences ‘textual’ ability. Armed with a WordWall clicker each, the audience were treated to the magic of WordWall and its daily RSS feeds from the NZ herald. Each attendee posted comments in their individual square of the board about the news articles featured. What resulted were around 15 keyword responses being registered on the 2Touch board. Session leader Pablo was then able to group together the responses, showing similarities and differences in answers, providing a spring board for debate and higher order thinking.

Overall the launch was enjoyed by the attendees, with 2Touch and its optical technology proving to not only be a hit, but the first time many had seen technology like it in easily accessible use.


Manzana would like to thank everyone who attended the event, it was fantastic hearing your stories and the enthusiasm you showed towards 2Touch. We hope you enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to see a revolution in education come to the forefront.

If you missed out on the event, feel free to contact us at and you can either pay us a visit at our offices or we can come to your school for a complementary visit.

After experiencing initial success in limited distribution around both New Zealand and Australia, Manzana and 2Touch have engaged in a educational relationship with the target of taking 2Touch to New Zealand’s classrooms. This world leading, 2.4m wide, interactive whiteboard offers users a flexibility never before seen in an interactive whiteboard. 2Touch allows users to simply plug their computer in and go, requiring no special drivers or software to run. As well, 2Touch offers users the opportunity to use the board as a both a marker friendly whiteboard or an interactive surface – At the same time.