Points to consider when choosing your voting system hardware. 

Infra red (IR) or radio frequency (RF) handsets?

The key question to ask yourself is how many students or trainees will I want to use the system with at any one time. If the answer is 64 or less then the infra red system will suit you admirably.

There is a lot of nonsense talked about infra red by manufacturers who only sell radio frequency handsets. With our new fast one way IR technology the Optivote IR8 system has speeded up the response gathering time to offer classrooms and groups of up to 64 users a fast efficient and cost effective solution.

The tried and tested infra red technology suits classrooms with its robust performance. If you wish to address larger audiences (over 64) such as first year university lectures, school year groups or large conferences then you would be well advised to invest in the RF systems

The Optivote RF systems offer a greater range and speed of response than the IR options. One common application is to use 32 pad RF systems in training or classrooms on a regular basis and combine these into a much larger system for large gatherings. If this is your preference then the RF system will suit you better. There is no risk of interference as each individual system is set to work on a separate channel and is only combined into multi-channels when you want to use different systems together.

Simple or Alpha Numeric Handsets?

Careful consideration needs to be given here. It may seem obvious to choose the RF18 handset with its increased functionality but do you really need it and more importantly will your users be able to intuitively use it.