Tips for looking after your projector If you’re looking to get the most out of your projector – and avoid the cost of buying expensive replacement bulbs – then here are a few tips to keeping your projector in tip top shape. 1. Regularly clean the filter A direct cause of projector malfunctioning can often be linked to […]

What’s portable, provides you with full control over your computer, sticks to your whiteboard, and very affordable ($1,199)? Why the Interactive Gecko of course…

What is the Public Domain? The Public Domain is all to do with intellectual property and copyright laws. Whilst a lot of images are free for you to look at online, it’s the knowing of whether you can then use them for the purposes of class or for students’ work that creates the confusion. This is […]

New to the Manzana range, the Interactive Gecko is the all new portable interactive whiteboard designed to give you control over your computer’s projected image at an affordable price. The Interactive Gecko takes your standard projector image and transforms it into an interactive surface. Attaching to your existing whiteboard, the Interactive Gecko adds a new […]

Websites of the month: August Name: Early New Zealand books Address: The Early New Zealand Book Project (ENZB) has been put together by the University of Auckland and has a range of books published about New Zealand in the 19th century. The books are an amazing resource for gaining insights into both traditional MÄ […]

August Tips and Tricks

August 11, 2009

Tips and tricks – August 09 This month’s trick is another unique way for hiding and revealing answers. The best way to explain this trick is to guide you through the creation process (not to forget the video) and then you can see the magic unfold right before your own eyes. This trick uses layering and makes use of the […]

Workbook 122 has landed

July 29, 2009

Workbook 122 is the latest upgrade to the interactive whiteboard software, 2Touch Workbook. Free to download for any 2Touch user, Workbook 122 introduces a range of new features designed to enhance the activities you create for your lessons. New features Web access from within your workbook pages A flash activities button on the toolbar providing access to a […]

Manzana’s websites of the month From ANZAC day to NZ frogs, this month’s websites are a bit of everything. Name: NZ Frog Address: A collaboration between the university of Otago and Victoria University, NZFROG is a New Zealand website based around the research, education and conservation of New Zealand frogs. Filled with teaching/education resources, NZFROG goes […]

Tips and Tricks

July 23, 2009

Pull tabsAs you may know, the good old hide and reveal activities work wonders in class and over the past year we have reviewed a couple of nifty ways to perform it. This month we’re looking at the idea of pull tabs and the ability to hide information off-screen and then pull it on-screen using […]

With three fantastic speakers on the night we were gifted with many tips and tricks for better IWB use. To sum up a few of the main points I have taken just a smidgen of the total tips given to us and listed them below. Julie’s top tips • Plan your day using the board […]

Join Manzana and 2Touch for a teacher-led interactive whiteboard session. Taking place on the 7th of may, Sommerville special school will host the IWB session. The session will include a range of teacher presentations, with guest speaker Julie King leading the evening with her presentation detailing how she specialises her IWB use to suit her […]

What’s happening in WorkbookFor those of you unsure on what 2Touch Workbook is, it’s the latest interactive whiteboard software that’s made right here in New Zealand. Designed and developed with the help of New Zealand teachers, 2Touch Workbook provides a blank canvas to create lessons and a set of accompanying tools to generate interactivity and […]

Looking for input As part of the development of 2Touch and 2Touch Workbook, the team from 2Touch is continually engaged with New Zealand teachers in the pursuit of understanding what you really want from the IWB software that you use. So yet again in 2009 2Touch is putting the call out there for kiwi teachers […]

For over 115 years the Van Asch Deaf Education Centre (VADEC) in Christchurch has been devoted to helping deaf and hearing-impaired students communicate with the world. So when the world’s first fully government funded school for the deaf decided to invest in an interactive whiteboard they were following in a strong tradition of utilising the […]

Whilst the rest stood around talking during Learning@schools09, Manzana had the people popping for their school’s honour. 

If your school has a building project on the horizon, then Manzana maybe able to help you put that building fund towards a 2Touch interactive whiteboard.Done at the architect stage, 2Touch can be recorded under wall fixtures in the contract, providing you with a unique funding opportunity. For more information and the right way to go […]

Student participation experts WordWall have just released their next generation of handheld clicker and interactive interface in a joint WordWall 2.0 launch. Giving themselves a massive facelift, WordWall has introduced influential changes to both their interface software and hand-held clickers.  Continuing their focus on student participation whilst also taking their interactive interface a huge step forward and […]

Using the annotate function for movies One of the great uses for an interactive whiteboard is the ability to use the screen capture and annotate feature.  One of the neat things you can do with the screen annotate function is the ability to scribble over the top of videos.  Whether it’s to point out symbolism in a […]

Name: WorldWide Telescope Address:   WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world.     This amazing website will allow you to download one of the latest and greatest applications that Microsoft has come up with.  WWT gives users […]