Ways to start your IWB day part 1: Everyday Calendar Page Watch the video Download the Workbook file An easy way to start a lesson is by using a calendar page. This page can be re-used every day and uses the following techniques: infinite clone, cut and paste and drag and drop. Open an empty page. […]

This month’s tips and ticks section takes a look at an easy way to create basic sentence exercises. Click here to watch the video.                       Basic sentence exercise: Using an empty page (ideally in 2Touch Workbook, Notebook, or PowerPoint) create a rectangle that will be used as the sentence making space. Create individual words using […]

Change at the top

March 3, 2011

At the end of 2010 Manzana was hit with the news that managing director, Karen Rolleston, would be leaving Manzana to pursue an alternative career path. As a result, Pablo Garcia has taken over the reins as director for Manzana for the beginning of 2011. Pablo had previously held the position up until Karen’s arrival in […]

If you’re currently using Windows 7 then take a look at the tablet pc input panel. Made for a tablet pc, the tablet pc input panel is ideal for use with interactive whiteboards (especially 2Touch). It provides you with the ability to use your handwriting (on the screen/board), convert it to text and then place […]

To watch the video follow the link below: Pull tabs/Question tabs video Techniques used in creating pull and question tabs Ordering Grouping Hide and reveal Use of images, lines and text Pull tabs are a way of hiding an object or question from the students. The idea is to hide the object/question behind either another related […]

Layering is an effective and easy to use IWB software feature.   To view the video on the ‘basics of layering’ click here. Layering provides you with the ability to create a number of different activities: Hide and Reveal – Layering provides you with the ability to hide answers or items behind another object on your page. […]

The use of interactive whiteboards in the teaching of secondary school English begins with the very basic use of text and breaking it. Punctuation and Grammar There are a variety of ways in which you can use an IWB to enhance the teaching of grammar. Taking sentences, eliminating punctuation from them, and then asking your […]

Getting to know Workbook

April 22, 2010

This months Workbook helper looks at the all new Workbook Math tools: ruler, protractor and compass. Click on the link below to view the video: 2Touch Workbook math tools For other 2Touch Workbook helpers click below: Using the pen function Using screen annotate If you haven’t got the latest version then head to

2Touch Workbook Upgrade

April 22, 2010

The latest 2Touch Workbook upgrade introduces a number of new features as well as enhancements to old favourites Latest features: Full screen/presentation mode Protractor tool Ruler tool Compass tool Enhanced collapse and expand features for connector tool To download the latest copy of 2Touch Workbook click on the link below. 2Touch Workbook upgrade Xorro Workbook […]

Using the Freeze button on your projector Most projectors come with a freeze button. What the freeze button does is takes the current image on the projector and freezes on it – so you can use your computer without changing what the projector is showing. This is ideal if you want to leave a certain […]

Annotation To see the video on how to use screen annotation click here. Virtually all interactive whiteboard software comes with an annotation feature; 2Touch’s can be found within Workbook under the tools toolbar along the top of the page. The basics behind screen annotation are simple, it lets you draw over the top of any program […]

2Touch Technologies is celebrating the news that they’ve been given a innovation grant from TechNZ and enterprise North Shore to further explore collaboration on mutli-touch surface.

Hide and reveal – Magic boxes This month we’re having a look at a basic trick called ‘magic boxes’. A hide and reveal trick ideal for matching or separating exercises. Check out the video here The idea behind ‘magic boxes’ is that on your screen is a single box with a range of answers ‘hidden’ […]

On behalf of Manzana we would like to congratulate Lysandra Stuart, her Sir Keith Park colleagues, and students for their recent win at the MÄ ori Language Awards. With the theme of this years awards being ‘Te reo it Hapori’ – Language in the community, SKP was voted first equal with NgÄ Iwi in the […]

Tips for looking after your projector If you’re looking to get the most out of your projector – and avoid the cost of buying expensive replacement bulbs – then here are a few tips to keeping your projector in tip top shape. 1. Regularly clean the filter A direct cause of projector malfunctioning can often be linked to […]