2Touch granted a license to collaborate 

Don’t be fooled by the smiles radiating from the 2Touch development teams faces, the next 12 months are going to very busy. Having recently received an R&D grant, from TechNZ and Enterprise North Shore, the development team now find themselves immersed in a quest to enhance classroom collaboration through the use of multi-touch surfaces.


The development team

Although the development team will expand on the multi-user work that is being undertaken on Workbook software, the focus will be on ‘challenging true collaboration’. The team will look towards developing new ways of getting users collaborating around shared spaces, such as tables or touch-enabled walls, and will provide opportunities for multiple students to work on the same surface and document at the same time.

2Touch director Karen Rolleston is not only excited at the prospects the grant will give but is enthusiastically seeking educator input via focus groups set for late February/March. Karen comments that “we’d particularly like to hear from any educators that would be interested in providing their thoughts, ideas, and feedback through out the development process”

If you would like to be involved in what is one of the most innovative ICT collaboration projects undertaken in NZ then please contact Karen at karen@manzana.co.nz

About TechNZ:

TechNZ is the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology’s business investment program and is designed to support companies and people undertaking research and development projects that result in new products, processes or services.