Manzana’s tips and tricks #4: Basic Layering

Layering is an effective and easy to use IWB software feature.   To view the video on the ‘basics of layering’ click here.

Layering provides you with the ability to create a number of different activities:

Hide and Reveal – Layering provides you with the ability to hide answers or items behind another object on your page. By ordering the object you want to hide at the back of the page you can drag other items in front of it to hide them


Sorting – Have a range of objects (such as fruit and vegetables) and a ‘sorting object’ (basket). Ask the students to drag all of the fruit into the basket (set all of the fruit to be ordered at the back and vegetables at the front). If they pick a picture of a fruit and drag it to the basket it will go behind, if they pick a vegetable it will stay in front of the basket.

Once you get the basics of layering it makes activity creation that much easier.