Kindergarten goes 2Touch 

November 1, 2013

Children attending Oratia Kindergarten love the thrill of using their new 2Touch IWB. 

Xorro-Q takes the Lead 

October 30, 2013

With Xorro’s latest Q-Launcher, released 26 August 2013, presenters can now display a real-time Leaderboard to add contest and game qualities to their activities.

Wordwall Goes Browser 

October 30, 2013

Wordwall has just announced the release of a subscription access to their popular Wordwall activities. Now students can access Wordwall activities from any browser-capable device. To complement the service, Wordwall is introducing new Android based devices pre-loaded with Wordwall subscriptions…..

On July 30, Massey University hosted a panel of experts to discuss the country’s leading economic issues.  Attended by over 100 people from the University and business, the session was made interactive using Xorro-Q to gauge audience opinions on the questions during the panel contributions. 

Xorro-Q with Pictures! 

July 15, 2013

Users of the web-based Xorro-Q audience response solution can now add images into their activities. All interaction types now support images. Audience participants receive the images on their browser devices (cellphones, tablets, i-Pads, laptops etc) and can respond to questions directly. All audience responses can be displayed in real-time or downloaded for later analysis.

In a new development, Manzana is offering its ultra-flat aluminium honeycomb based whiteboard panels for use as standard whiteboards. With increasing use of ultra-short-throw projectors, customers need to ensure that these project onto flat whiteboard surfaces in order to avoid waviness of straight lines on spreadsheets and documents.

The 2Touch all-in-one lectern has always been a popular choice for any medium sized meeting and conference setting. Combining built-in audio with the lit surface and slender podium column, this lightweight lectern comes at an amazingly affordable price.

Workbook’s Custom Toolbars take the clutter away from the page and make it far more friendly in the classroom. You need only add those Workbook tools which you know you’ll use in your language classes. Here are some strong suggestions:Make sure you put a “select” arrow at each end of the toolbar – this saves […]

A very frequent frustration from Languages teachers, revolves around the desire to be able to type directly onto the page utilising whatever character set is appropriate to that language.

Workbook’s canvas supports any Unicode character sets. Provided that your Language and Keyboard settings are correctly implemented in Windows, you can type any script directly onto the Workbook canvas.

The list of templates available for Wordwall 3 just keeps growing…. and growing….. and growing! This immensely popular activity generator for classrooms at all levels, has really come alive in version 3, which of course is free to all 2Touch customers…..

From early June, Xorro-Q customers have been able to add images into their activities. All question types now support images.

Bay of Plenty District Health Board recently deployed a 2Touch 84″ interactive display in one of their meeting rooms.  We followed up with Jacky Maaka of the Administrative Support Arm, to see how the new technology is being used…..

So… you make presentations to audiences. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple, instant way to involve your audience in your questions, using their own cellphones, tablets etc?

From April, customers can order 3D versions of the 2Touch 84″ ultra definition (UD) display. Using low cost passive 3D glasses, this new feature adds further versatility to an already remarkable package.

In March 2013, the 2Touch-Penta range of interactive displays has been added to the line-up. The Penta Interactive Displays are all based on four-camera optical touch solutions, over commercial grade LED panels….