Xorro-Q with Pictures! 

From early June, Xorro-Q customers have been able to add images into their activities. All question types now support images. For now, images are associated with questions only (we do not yet support images as options in multi-choice questions). When creating (or editing) a question in your QF site, just add an image – Xorro takes care of the rest for you. On the student device, the image is displayed immediately below the question text, and above the options.

Background on Xorro-Q:
Xorro-Q is a real-time audience response solution designed to make presentations, lectures and lessons more involving. Xorro-Q enables participants in any audience to interact with a presenter’s computer, using their personal browser-capable mobile devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

Using a floating toolbar presenters can instantly send questions to the participants’ devices, and participants can vote on these, or reply in text. Results can be displayed in real time on the shared display. An on-screen dashboard enables presenters’ instant easy management of the participation. The presenter can choose whether to display participant names or treat responses as anonymous. Xorro-Q supports prior import of participant lists and grouping of these. All data collected is available in csv format for later analysis.

The flexibility to use any mobile device as the audience response medium eliminates many barriers to use of audience response solutions, and greatly diminishes cost and deployment impact for the presenter or organisation.

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