Our ultimate goal is to enable you to engage, motivate and retain your audience.





When groups of people gather at any type of event, such as a class, a brainstorming session, a conference or an exhibition, they do  so through some common interest.

Unfortunately, many of these events lack inclusion opportunities for the public: their experience is essentially passive and  observational, rather than participative. When participation is sought, it is often done in an invasive, boring and intimidating way.  Consequently, the public turns its back away from the event and the interaction is lost. Event organisers need a non-invasive,  spontaneous and fun way of seeking participation.


Manzana Ltd is about ground-breaking audience engagement solutions: we want groups of people to achieve  better.

Our solutions transform every interaction an organisation has with its audience into a real-time loop of spontaneous feedback,  motivation and participation.

Whatever industry you are dealing is, engaging your audience (students, customers, employees, partners, fans, the public, etc) is critical to your business. It is what sets you apart from the competition.

Our goal is to break the typical dynamics that exist between you and your audience: from a “back and forth” we take it into a continuous loop of feedback and participation. This means that, using our solutions, interactions between your organisation and their audiences become outside-in rather than inside-out. They can now be refined and adjusted in real-time and in a spontaneous way.


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