Our Products

2Touch Interactive Whiteboards

The NZ-made 2Touch Interactive Whiteboards are unique in providing finger-touch interaction to any computer, off of a quality porcelain steel whiteboarding surface, without needing to install any special driver software onto the computer.  This makes this the most flexible and durable large interactive surface on the market – by far!  Check out our range of sizes….

2Touch Interactive Displays

2Touch Interactive Displays feature finger-touch interaction with top quality giant LED displays from leading brands, from 55″ right up to a whopping 84″ in size. Now you can choose between full high definition (1080po) or ultra-definition (“4K) displays.  Unlike old style “overlay” solutions, the 2Touch Interactive Displays have the touch technology integrated within the device for the most instant, intuitive touch experience.  It’s like the biggest i-Pad you ever saw…. you’ll have to experience it for yourself!

Mobility & Height Adjustment Solutions

So you need to move your interactive whiteboards or displays around?  Perhaps adjust height easily, whether on the wall or on wheels?  Our Flexiroller and BalanceBox solutions lead the field for heavy duty mobility and height adjustment suitable to any display or interactive whiteboard.

Zinterlock is an innovative split batten bracket solution enabling secure, hidden, near-flush mounting for any large, heavy object onto a flat wall.

Student-Ready Mobile Devices

Today we all have browsers in our pockets, so why not develop their use in classrooms?  You might however prefer to standardise on the devices being used in your classrooms.  Manzana offers a range of child-friendly devices to suit different requirements.


Remember listening posts?  Now Manzana brings you Storyphone, the multi-award winning MP3 digital audio system for children – a powerful learning tool to make listening easy and help your children to develop their language, communication, listening and literacy skills.   Check it out….

Wordpad Classroom Participation

The Wordpad7 tablets and Wordpad2 clickers can be used to track pupil progress, facilitate discussion or play fast-paced learning games. Students of all personalities and abilities are able to engage, not just the usual suspects. You can access a range of classroom activities not available with the software alone.

Whiteboarding Software

“Whiteboarding: The spontaneous act of expressing a group’s output visually on a shared surface.”  We’ve all been whiteboarding for decades… No whiteboarding software tools such as Workbook and Silverfox let us combined annotations on multiple whiteboard “pages”, with text, images, videos, live web feeds…. in fact, anything you want.  The sky’s the limit!  You don’t need an interactive whiteboard or interactive display to start whiteboarding: just use these tools on your computer, to transform your meetings, planning sessions and brainstorms into collaborative experiences with instant outputs.

Xorro-Q Audience Involvement & Assessment

Xorro-Q is a real-time audience response solution designed to make presentations, lectures and lessons more involving.  Xorro-Q enables participants in any audience to interact with a presenter’s computer, using their personal browser-capable mobile devices:  mobile phones, tablets, laptops or computers.  Check it out…

Xorro-Ed Resource Sharing Community

Join Xorro-Ed, our free resource sharing community for all educators.