2Touch Flexiroller 55 high and low positions

Flexiroller: the standard for safe, flexible, portable displays

2Touch Flexiroller 55 high and low positions
Flexirollers make easy and safe, height-adjustable mobility for any size of LED display. Pictured here: A 2Touch 55″ multi-touch interactive LED display is lifted high (at right) for large audiences, but can be lowered for children to access. The generous 600mm lifting range allows comfortable access for small children in a pre-school setting to mix with adult needs in the staff room.

The burgeoning use of large displays in our offices and classrooms (many of them touch-interactive) has driven demand for height-adjustable mobile trolley solutions.

You might need a display which you can move from room to room to suit changing needs, or you might need to cater to access from a range of different heights (eg pre-school or primary school)… or you may need to provide for access from a wheelchair. In such cases, you will be looking for flexibility, mobility and robustness combined.

Flexirollers have been built in NZ since 2010.  Over the years, Flexiroller has grown to accommodate ever larger, heavier, and more valuable displays.  Today’s Flexiroller designs still reflect the core values we were focused on six years ago: uncompromising emphasis on the stabilising benefits of a longer wheelbase, plus the engineered ruggedness to withstand the rigours of the variable mobile setting.  These values inform the requirement to lift up to 150kg from ankle level to shoulder height without loss of stability, and support users’ frequent  access to the front and sides of the unit for interactions.

From the start, Flexiroller’s point of difference from other rolling floorstands has been its use of two lifting columns to improve stability, and elimination of tripping hazards in the critical presenter zone in front of the display.  As well as improving stability, the placement of wheels outside the interactive zone means that moving back and forth in front of the touch screen poses no risk of tripping over supports.

The latest Flexiroller ID55 naturally retains these important values.  This model uses Flexiroller’s original well-proven twin column lift, featuring a motor-driven active column which then transmits drive to a “passive” column through a hidden belt. The 600mm height adjustment range magically transforms the unit from a raised display for a large audience, to a level more appropriate to our pre-school customers, at the press of a button.  The (now standard) folding laptop tray completes the package.  In the case illustrated, the Flexiroller plus a 55″ touch interactive screen meets the need: flexibility, mobility and ruggedness combined. Repeat orders are in hand from delighted customers.

Flexiroller is available for any interactive whiteboard or display.  Contact us on 0800 200 121 or by email to discuss your needs for a mobile solution!