Looking at projectors? – The basics for getting started

New to the Manzana range, the Interactive Gecko is the all new portable interactive whiteboard designed to give you control over your computer’s projected image at an affordable price.

The Interactive Gecko takes your standard projector image and transforms it into an interactive surface. Attaching to your existing whiteboard, the Interactive Gecko adds a new dimension to your learning environment. The Interactive Gecko plugs directly into your computer and provides you with the ability to access every program on your computer via a projected image. Creating a collaborative surface at the front of your class.

The Interactive Gecko’s prices start from $1,200 +GST

Have an Interactive whiteboard wherever you go!

Combined with any data projector, the Interactive Gecko gives you the power to interact with your computer from the front of the room. Use the Interactive Gecko stylus as a mouse and have your entire desktop accessible to you right from the board. Open folders, run programs, annotate over images, control PowerPoint, run video – anything you can do with your mouse you can do can do with the Gecko.

What sets the Gecko apart from the rest?

The interactive Gecko is the cost effective interactive whiteboard designed to introduce your teaching to interactive technology . It’s portable, inexpensive, works with any projector and is un-inhabiting to your needs. The Interactive Gecko provides you with the same level of interactivity as more expensive options.

What software comes with the Interactive Gecko?

The Interactive Gecko comes with 2Touch workbook software. Designed, developed and programmed right here in New Zealand, Workbook provides comprehensive whiteboarding functionality, as well as innovative customisability which will appeal to schools wanting to make content from their networks easier to access spontaneously from the classroom.

For further information about the Interactive Gecko contact Manzana on 0800 200 121 orsales@manzana.co.nz