Introducing the all new touch integrated LCD screens 

The all new integrated touch screen panels from 2Toucn have arrived at Manzana. With their 1080 HD display and full touch screen capabilities, the LCD display combines the brilliance of an HD TV with the accuracy of a 2Touch interactive whiteboard.

Touch Precision:

The 2Touch LCD panel combines the precision of an iphone with the large screen capacity of an interactive whiteboard. Whether its pinch zooming an object, writing in digital ink or flicking images across the screen, the LCD panel has the touch accuracy to perform them all.



With its anti-glare wide screen the full HD 2Touch LCD panel provides a crystal clear display for any environment. Also, by using a rear projector surface (unlike interactive whiteboards) you eliminate common symptoms associated with front projection touch screens, such as user shadowing, continual mount movement and realignment issues.



2Touch offers 5 unique LCD sizes. Outside of the most popular 55” and 70” sizes, the integrated touch LCD panel also comes in 46”, 65 and 82”.



No touch panel is complete without a piece of interactive software to drive your sessions. That’s why the 2Touch LCD panel comes with the dynamic 2Touch Workbook software.

For further information about the innovative 2Touch Workbook software click here


With a variety of input connections available (HDMI, VGA, USB, component, SCART) you have the choice to use the LCD panel as a touch screen for your computer or a display unit for a range of digital media inputs (DVD, blu-ray, SKY TV, media computers, video players, gaming consoles).

For further information about the touch integrated LCD display contact Manzana

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