Storyphone headset

February Storyphones Special

Storyphones are indestructable!
Storyphones are indestructable!

For orders received until the end of February 2015 only (or until existing stocks are depleted):

Manzana will supply the 2GB version of the Storyphone wireless listening post systems, at the same price ($1280+GST) as the standard set!

The Storyphone set comprises of six of the indestructable MP3 player headsets, the loud speaking console player with its microphone, and the USB docking station.  These high capacity units are configured with extra on-board memory (2GB onboard memoryup from the 256MB standard).   All of the players have rechargeable batteries so there are no more messy wires to tangle up or trip over. BookShelf software is included.

The StoryPhones System  is the first complete MP3 digital audio system designed for use in school classroomss for children aged up to the age of 8.  As many NZ schools can now testify: “The possibilities of using StoryPhones to help develop children’s listening, communication and literacy skills are endless!”