All new Manzana Wireless Tablet

The Manzana Wireless Tablet lets you take control of your computer from anywhere in the room.  By connecting the tablet to your computer, via an RF connection, you simply move the pressure sensitive pen across the light-weight tablets surface and it instantly moves your mouse cursor.  Giving you full mouse control from anywhere in the room!

But as an extra addition, whenever you purchase a Manzana Wireless Tablet you receive a version of 2Touch Workbook.  Designed to enhance any classroom that uses a data projector, whether it’s for an Interactive whiteboard or not, 2Touch Workbook gives you a clean slate to prepare and shape your lessons. The Manzana Wireless Tablet


  • Rugged A5 construction: fits your briefcase and satchels and withstands the rigours of daily school life.
  • Ultra lightweight so you can carry it all day long.
  • Pressure sensitive pen, for more intuitive graphics input.
  • Use up to 50 Tablets at the same time to interface with your computer – the ultimate student group-ware tool.
  • Bundled with 2Touch Workbook, Power Presenter RE, FreeNotes, OfficeInk software

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