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03Dec 2008

Manzana Tip and Tricks #6

December 3, 2008

December’s tips and tricks + Download of the month Interactive Whiteboard tips Dragging the correct answers into the correct box Here is a handy trick for when you have an object/question with a list of possible answers and you want your students to work out which are right and which are wrong. You list your […]

12Nov 2008

Manzana tips and tricks #5

November 12, 2008

This month’s tips and tricks take a look at nifty little short cuts that make using your IWB that much easier. A fancy way of touching your board Here is a trick that is set to make you the coolest IWB user in the school. Want to move an object from one part of the […]

30Oct 2008

The art of Math

October 30, 2008

Over time there has always been one defining factor at schools: most kids have ‘reserved’ feelings towards math. Maybe it’s the number factor, maybe it’s the equations or maybe it’s the fact that x + y shouldn’t equal anything because they are letters. But Manzana is proud to offer the hard working math teachers of this country […]

21Oct 2008

Manzana Tips and tricks #4

October 21, 2008

Manzana’s tips and tricks #4 Taking the roll everyday through the use of your IWB This months trick is an easy to create and neat way of taking the roll every morning through your interactive whiteboard. You simply create a scene (e.g. a tree) and below the scene you place relating items (e.g. birds). The key is […]

06Oct 2008

Manzana would like to congratulate JULIE KING for becoming the lucky winner of the 2Touch wireless slate with 2Touch workbook. Julie was placed in the running for the slate after she attended the 2Touch launch night held at Manzana’s offices. A current member of staff at Sommerville Special School, Julie, attended the 2Touch evening to […]

22Sep 2008

Going to ULearn this year? 

September 22, 2008

Manzana has two presentations that you definitely don’t want to miss this ULearn.