2touch Workbook – The latest developments

What’s happening in Workbook

For those of you unsure on what 2Touch Workbook is, it’s the latest interactive whiteboard software that’s made right here in New Zealand. Designed and developed with the help of New Zealand teachers, 2Touch Workbook provides a blank canvas to create lessons and a set of accompanying tools to generate interactivity and student engagement. 

Recent Developments

Currently 2Touch is privileged to have a skilful and hard-working programming team focused entirely on 2Touch Workbook. The latest from the team is specially designed flash objects that teachers can use within Workbook. Recent flash object additions include rolling dice, countdown ship, puzzles and many more. 
Other additions to workbook over the next month include mind mapping and text recognition, with much more to come. 

How do I get a hold of upgrades?

If you have previously obtained an earlier version of Workbook then over the coming month you’ll be able to get your hands on a free upgrade to the latest version. 
2Touch will continually be releasing new updates to the Workbook software of which all 2Touch users will receive communication regarding the latest improvements and how they can upgrade. 

Have your say in the development of New Zealand made 2Touch Workbook

2Touch and Manzana have been working closely with teachers in the development of 2Touch Workbook. With a ‘for the teachers approach’ the main development of workbook has revolved around the ideas and needs of New Zealand teachers. Throughout development, the workbook team has sought out the opinion of teachers from primary, secondary and special needs schools, ensuring that the tools needed most by New Zealand teachers are included.

How do I get a copy of 2Touch Workbook?

If you purchase a 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard then a full version of 2Touch Workbook is included within that package. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a 2Touch IWB then a light version of 2Touch Workbook will be made available as a free-download over the coming months.