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Over time there has always been one defining factor at schools: most kids have ‘reserved’ feelings towards math. Maybe it’s the number factor, maybe it’s the equations or maybe it’s the fact that x + y shouldn’t equal anything because they are letters.

But Manzana is proud to offer the hard working math teachers of this country two very interactive and clever solutions looking to make maths easier.

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The Mult-e-Maths Toolbox consists of a workspace and tools that you can combine and use to create learning experiences customised for your class.

Designed for use on the interactive whiteboard, the Toolbox will enhance maths teaching and help you to demonstrate maths concepts that cannot easily be shown in any other way.

The specialised maths tools are organised into eight mathematical strands: numbers, calculations, fractions, measures, shape and space, handling data, probability and solving problems. All the tools are easily accessible at any point whilst using the program.

The Toolbox is a versatile resource where you can plan, create and save your own lessons. Each Toolbox document contains six blank sheets that you can use to organise lessons. You can even email your saved lessons to colleagues. The Toolbox can be used independently or alongside a range of Mult-e-Maths titles to develop extension or support activities.


• Differentiated whole-class material will engage all children
• The Toolbox reinforces student’s understanding of key mathematical concepts
• Promotes a greater understanding of mathematical concepts through the use of highly engaging and effective visual tools

• 8 Toolboxes with over 60 interactive tools in total
• All tools are available to hand on one screen for easy access
• Provides a wealth of ideas for starter and lesson activities
• Ability to plan your activities at home and email them to yourself at school.

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Spinnamaths is an advanced and highly detailed mathematics learning solution. Using Spinnamaths, teachers can save time and effort explaining complex concepts, by using powerful illustrative and experiential techniques.
Spinnamaths is a family of interactive spreadsheet-based concept exemplars. These exemplars allow teachers and students to experiment with variables, and observe the consequences.


Spinnamath’s 60 interactive exemplars include the following key math concepts:

  • The effect of varying coefficients on functions
  • The Newton-Raphson method of finding roots
  • The connection between tangents and the derivative of a function
  • The side by side comparison of a function and its derivative
  • The conjugate nature of complex roots of certain polynomial equations
  • The approximation of areas under curves using Simpson’s rule
  • The concept of a volume of solid of revolution
  • The concept of an inverse
  • The concept of optimisation
  • The concept of area approximation using rectangles
  • The concept of areas under curves
  • The first principles understanding of the derivative
  • The construction of the least squares line of best fit
  • Superposition
  • Polar and conic representations
  • Mortgages and annuities
  • Projectile and simple harmonic motion
  • The special nature of e
  • The concept of a complex number in Cartesian and polar form
  • The roots of unity and Julia tours
  • The hypothesis testing on sample means
  • Investigations into the sine and cosine rule and bearings
  • Basic understandings in coordinate geometry
  • Special investigations such as the Euler line and Lewis Carroll’s day-finder
  • Basic understandings of logarithms and percentages

There are many more. The key feature of all the sheets is the concept and not the graph.
Spinnamaths has an additional feature which is to continually beg the ‘what if’ question. If I push this coefficient, what happens to the graph? If I start with this estimate of a root what happens to successive Newton-Raphson tangents? What is the effect of a high interest rate on a mortgage? Why does Simpson’s rule give exact answers for a polynomial of degree 3?

Although both solutions differ in content, their abilities to take the subject of maths and create a format for understanding it is where they come together. Both solutions provide ample examples and template for use when trying to explain those difficult problems to your students- they also add interactivity to your lesson, keeping your students engaged for longer.

For further information concerning Spinnamaths or Mult-e-Maths email Manzana or give us a call on 0800 200 121.

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Format chose Zinterlock as the easiest, most consistent and cost-effective way to flush mount cabinetry onto walls.

Manzana Xorro Christmas 2015
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This summer, the University of Auckland Department of Civil Engineering has supplied eight student interns to work with Xorro on developing a targeted learning solution. These interns have been working alongside another seven interns from Massey University contributing to product development in Xorro Workboook and Xorro-Q projects.

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This week Xorro releases version 2.2 of its Workbook whiteboarding software, co-branded Alphateach in the UK and Europe. The new version includes features such as PDF import, enhanced design of the ruler tool, added grid functions and much more.

Student response systems in use in class
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Recently we followed up with Dr Michael Rehm from University of Auckland’s Business School, on how he uses student response systems such as Xorro Q in his courses.

Label questions in Xorro-Q
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In September Xorro quietly released Label questions for the Xorro-Q audience assessment platform. Label questions provide a flexible and fast assessment tool suited to any topic.

Flexiroller, BalanceBox, Zinterlock
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Whether it’s raising an 84″ display to above head height for crowds, or bringing 55″ interactive screens within easy reach of pre-schoolers, better design adds up to winning flexibility, sturdiness and safety. Getting it wrong means less value from your display, and substantial costs and safety issues. We take a look at the latest & best options for securing, lifting and moving large displays, keeping safety and durability foremost.

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This week, after months of beta testing and progressive improvements, Xorro finally released version 2.0 of the powerful whiteboarding software Workbook (also branded Alphateach and Imergo Aqua in other markets). Workbook was originally written by 2Touch for use with 2Touch interactive whiteboards. Since 2013, Xorro has taken over all software related developments, and today Xorro Workbook is […]

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Xorro-Q provides a simple game-like context that motivates students to practice algebra concepts. Using any browser (no plug ins or downloads needed) your students can “play” a problem-based algebra activity set by you. Xorro-Q’s Free Facilitator is ideal (and free) for groups of less than 33 participants. Test your own linear algebra skills on the sampler in the article. Then read on to find the simple instructions to get underway with your own Free Facilitator access.

Zinterlock: your secure mounting solution
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Manzana and 2Touch Australia have developed Zinterlock: an extremely low-cost, ultra-secure yet very simple flush-mount solution for mounting large, heavy, fragile or valuable items onto walls.