Manzana News

25Jul 2012

Greetings from the whiteboard! This month I have two websites to share. The first is called Tutpup. This is a Mathematics website that allows your students to join up either at school or home and challenges them to compete against students from around the world. I have watched a class of students become high enthused […]

18Jul 2012

Make your web browser full screen and minus toolbars Press F11 when using a web browser to make it drop any toolbar and go full screen.  Ideal for use with projectors. Alt + tab An easy way to cycle through all the windows you have open is by using the Alt tab menu.  Simply hold down […]

21Jun 2012

Six tips for choosing a classroom active speaker system: Basic design Active speakers designed with a built-in amplifier reduce the amount of cabling and the costs of equipment as well as being quicker and easier to install Steel grille Steel grilles, rather than more common fabric grilles, stop pupils from damaging the speaker cones with fingers, […]

12Jun 2012

Greetings from the whiteboard. My name is Lee Raeburn and I am an education consultant that has recently joined the Manzana sales team. As a former Primary school teacher, I was always on the lookout for new and engaging websites for my students. For this addition of our newsletter I would like to take a […]

04Jan 2012

The revamped Learning@schools conference is only a month and a half away and we’d love to see you there – mostly, so that we can show you the all new Xorro Q class room response solution that uses any web-enabled device.

08Dec 2011

Using the Resource Finder

December 8, 2011

Use Workbook’s Resource Finder to instantly locate safe, copyright-checked image and video resources on the internet, and deploy these to your activity (or save them for later).