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06Aug 2015

These days downloadable audio resources for kids are abundant and cheap (or free). This article is all about how you can find great audio resources to use with your Storyphones. This is just a starter: Keep searching and you will find more, and no doubt even better or more relevant resources for your particular needs.

01Jul 2015

A clean whiteboard is such a joy to use.  One featuring long-lived stains from past use, is not.  This article provides you with the understanding needed to ensure you – and your whiteboard – stay in the first category! This problem has been around for as long as whiteboards have been, so the image at […]

04Mar 2015

NZ EdTech developer Xorro Solutions has released free access for school educators to its gamification and real-time assessment solution, Xorro-Q.

Xorro-Q enables educators in BYOD classrooms and lecture theaters to ensure the active participation of every single student in instant challenges. Challenges can be prepared ahead of time, or better, created in-class around existing resources and activities such as slide shows, videos etc.

21Jan 2015

Free Algebra Question Banks

January 21, 2015

Chatting with a customer before Christmas, he enthused on how useful it would be to have large banks of maths practice questions appropriate to his college classes. These could easily be included in contests and games which motivate students to have fun practicing algebra through the term.

Here at Xorro, from concept to reality can take a day or two… This week we uploaded 2800 linear equations problems (in five levels of difficulty) and 2095 problems around factorising and expanding quadratic equations (in 7 levels of difficulty). These resources are shared globally in your Q-Bank. It’s free for any educator to use.

Here are some great ways to use this resource:

20Jan 2015

February Storyphones Special

January 20, 2015
Storyphone headset

For Feb 15 only: Manzana will supply the 2GB version of the Storyphone wireless listening post systems, at the same price (NZ$1280+GST) as the standard set!

The StoryPhones System is the first complete MP3 digital audio system designed for use in school classroomss for children aged up to the age of 8.

As many NZ schools can now testify: “The possibilities of using StoryPhones to help develop children’s listening, communication and literacy skills are endless!”

17Oct 2014

Preparing Xorro-Q Activities

October 17, 2014

In this article, we’re going to learn how to prepare activities for use in a future “live” (participative) session such as a class, lecture or presentation. Why prepare questions? So, you’ve already learned about using Xorro-Q for asking “Instant Questions” in session.  The great thing about instant questions is that you can get your audience closely […]

20Jul 2014

The research is definitive: properly used, audience response techniques and solutions enable educators and trainers to achieve startling improvements in learning outcomes with their classes. Is this surprising?