Videos on line

Using the Math Tools

March 18, 2014

Workbook has several useful Math tools; this video demonstrates their use.

Pull Tabs & Question Tabs

January 7, 2014

Create and use pull tabs and question tabs to reveal hidden content from behind an image or other resource.

Using the Polygon tool in Workbook to create any shape.  You can then go on to define the stroke and fill colours, styles etc.

Using the Resource Finder

December 8, 2011

Use Workbook’s Resource Finder to instantly locate safe, copyright-checked image and video resources on the internet, and deploy these to your activity (or save them for later).  

Creating resource folder links in Workbook’s custom toolbar, provides you with instant access to where the resources are.  You can then drag-and-drop images, videos, texts etc out of these folders and right onto the canvas.

Basic Layering

January 1, 2010

Learn how to layer objects on your canvas.  Layering is essential to hide-and-reveal activities.