Mobility & Height Adjustment

Flexiroller floor stands, BlaanceBox, brackets etc

BalanceBox® Height Adjustment

Weightless height adjustment

- Smooth & effortless lifting and lowering of heavy weights
- Compact hidden design
- Extremely reliable
- Fast and easy mounting

Flexiroller Height Adjustable Trolleys

Adjustable height, on wheels

- Lift displays and assemblies of up to 160kg
- Heavy duty castors for mobility
- Rugged design for strength + durability
- Stability optimised for larger displays

Zinterlock Split Batten Hanger Bracket

Hang any heavy item safely & rigidly, on any wall
Perfect for panels, art works, cabinets, displays
Invisible, near-flush mount (13 mm separation)
Safety Lock prevents removal or accidental lifting
Non-corroding, tough & resilient
Rapid, simple installation