2Touch Interactive Displays

Wide range of sizes from 55" to 84"

Extraordinary image quality: choice of Ultra HD and Full HD displays

Intuitive, responsive interaction: Choose between 4 and 10 simltaneous touch support

NZ developed whiteboarding & collaboration solutions included

Mobile and lifting solutions available

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Interactive Display from 2Touch

Interactive Display from 2Touch

An interactive display is a giant LED display with integrated touch.  They enable users to interact with a connected computer, using fingers or a stylus.

The 2Touch Interactive Display leads the category with clean design and superior functionality, at a price anyone can afford. Bundled with Workbook whiteboarding software, 2Touch interactive displays are used in any situation where computer-generated images and documents are shared with a group.

Top quality LED displays from leading brands such as LG and Samsung are combined with the best multi-touch technologies to provide natural finger-touch interaction with any connected computer.

With 2Touch interactive displays,  our design qualities ensure that your touch interacts perfectly on-screen: no parallax, no lag, no calibration requirements, no errors.  We specify non-glare safety glass surfaces for the best display quality in any light situation.  Furthermore, with a 2Touch display no special software is required to connect any computer to the interactive display:  just plug, touch & go!

Touch displays are available in 55″, 65″ and 84″ and in choices of resolution (either full High Definition HD or Ultra-High Resolution UHD or 4K) to suit every need and budget.

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Select the model (size and display resolution) by scrolling through the carousel….:

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Specifications Table 2014-08-07_081116

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A selection of case studies on users of 2Touch interactive displays…..


Bay of Plenty District Health Board

“Our doctors have been using the interactive touch display for their morning briefings and change over meetings. They have found it to be a useful tool that is easy to use for their access to patient files and records as these are being discussed.

” The 2Touch Interactive Display has been a great choice for us and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to upgrade their own facilities”.   (Jacky Maaka, Administrative Support Arm).  See full story….


blob (3)Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA)

As part of EMA’s review of the training resources in the classrooms, a team comprising the Learning Portfolio Managers and a selection of trainers assessed both student response units and interactive display technologies. The team compared the options of projected interactive whiteboards, with the new generation of giant LED/LCD interactive displays.

The team concluded that, while a bit more expensive, the 2Touch LED touchscreen is a superior solution that will provide EMA with a better learning environment fit for the 21st century. See full story….

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Video demonstrates the effective edge-drag on Windows 8 using a 2Touch interactive display.

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