2Touch Interactive Whiteboard: “The smarter smartboards”

WIDER: Width equals opportunity when whiteboarding, and 2Touch offers the widest, most flexible interactive whiteboards around by far. Sizes up to 103" (diagonal) are made in NZ.

EASIER: Use finger touch on the whiteboard to control any computer. Plug-and-play instant connectivity makes 2Touch IWB's accessible any time, to anybody.

TOUGHER: 2Touch uses porcelain steel whiteboard surfaces. Only porcelain steel is proven to last the distance as a marker-ready whiteboarding surface.

SMARTER BY FAR: The 2Touch IWB provides superior flexibility: Use them with markers as a conventional whiteboard, or with finger-touch when connected to your computer - or both!

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The 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) is perfect for any group setting where information is frequently accessed and shared visually.  Better group outcomes including collaboration and coordination around shared information, are facilitated by using shared surfaces.  Making these surfaces interactive achieves higher levels of engagement and involvement.  That’s why 2Touch IWB’s are used in thousands of classrooms, boardrooms, clinics, consulting rooms and logistic centres all around New Zealand and Australia. With a 2Touch Interactive Whiteboards, you can interact directly with your computer using just your fingers.  At the simplest level this involves doing what you would otherwise do with the mouse and keyboard.    Go a step further, and you will be annotating documents, maps and images on your familiar software, as well as whiteboarding meeting notes and plans.  Session outputs are, of course, instantly saved, printed or emailed to attendees right from the board. With a 2Touch IWB, you’ll be “whiteboarding” in no time at all!

So, why did we develop an interactive whiteboard (“smartboard”) in New Zealand?

Interactive whiteboards (“iwb’s”), or “smartboards” as they are commonly called, are large surfaces designed to let a user interact with a connected computer, usually in front of an audience.  After years of experience working with IWB’s, we observed that instant access to, and familiarity with, the IWB are the most critical success factors affecting user adoption. The NZ-made 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard is unique in providing finger-touch interaction to any computer off of a quality porcelain steel whiteboarding surface, without needing to install any special driver software onto the computer. Our choice of porcelain steel means that the 2Touch whiteboard is optimised for use with ink markers.  Experience shows that porcelain (ie enamel) steel provides the best possible surface for dry-erase marker use and lives up to its 25 year life expectation.  Being steel, it’s also magnetic, offering up additional flexibility in ways you can use that surface! The wall space occupied by your IWB is scarce.  Bein able to use 2Touch IWB’s with ink markers without fear of staining, as well as using it interactively with a computer, makes 2Touch IWB’s particularly flexible.  You will be free to use the same wall area for brainstorming and planning as you do for displaying presentations or for recording meeting processes and outcomes.   Wider whiteboards provide more possibilities for visually organising ideas and information.   2Touch IWB’s are available in a range of widths to suit your requirements, and can also be custom built. Our emphasis on finger-touch means that no special pens or batteries are needed when interacting with your computer.  That means that this IWB is always available for spontaneous use: there’s no risk of loss, theft or damage to a special stylus. Lastly, it’s essential that your IWB be instantly accessible when wanted by anyone in the group, just as a conventional “ink only” whiteboard would be.  Only 2Touch IWB’s are genuinely plug-and-play, requiring no special software to use or calibrate the device.  Anyone in the organisation can access your 2Touch IWB instantly: just connect the USB cable into any computer… touch the board…. And go!

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2Touch Model IWB2412 IWB2112 IWB2012 IWB1812
Width 2415mm 2115mm 2015mm 1815mm
Height 1215mm 1215mm 1215mm 1215mm
Thickness 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Construction Polyvision E3 ceramic steel on Aluminum Honeycomb substrate; Aluminium framing
Calibration Launched from on-board calibration button or from keyboard.  No special software required.
Warranty 3 years back to base, extendable to 5 years
Operating systems Plug-&-play for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) , Mac OSX.  Multi-touch gesture support for Windows 7 & 8 (free drivers required).
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Workbook Concept MappingThe 2Touch IWB is bundled with a 5 user license for both Xorro Workbook whiteboarding software (for Windows) and Silverfox whiteboarding software (for Windows & Mac).

Workbook is powerful multi-page whiteboarding software, designed to support meetings, group work and classroom activities.  Workbook is highly customisable and is designed for interoperability with other tools.  Use Workbook with any interactive device (touch display screens, interactive whiteboards, tablets etc).

Workbook offers unique features and collaborative possibilities to suit your situation:

  • Integrated web browser & camera feeds display live content right on the canvas;
  • Simplified annotation over any other software eg Word, PowerPoint, Excel, mapping etc;
  • Integrated search tool allowing fast, spontaneous inquiry and capture of results   leveraging the vast resource libraries of the internet;
  • Customisable toolbars eliminating unnecessary clutter and providing instant access to preferred resources;
  • Powerful concept mapping & flow charts;
  • On-canvas video annotation & storyboarding that’s amazingly simple;
  • Intuitive and familiar user interface.

making-a-wordwall-step1.thumbIn addition, schools (years 1 through 13) will receive one concurrent user license to Wordwall activity generation software.  Wordwall uses wizards to enable an educator to instantly create a range of interactive activities around any content.  Wordwall is perfectly suited for display via projector and for use with an interactive whiteboard.  Wordwall activities can also be accessed by participants using handheld devices and using any browser.

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