(Milton, QLD)

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For over a decade the Navigate Group has aligned five individual state-based companies to provide streamlined audiovisual and videoconferencing technology on a national basis. Introducing Pro AV Solutions – the powerful force in Australia’s audiovisual industry – capable of empowering businesses across Australia.

Now every client of Pro AV Solutions will benefit from a strong local force on the ground and enjoy the powerful backing and combined strength of a national network working as one. Each of these companies has grown through their passion, vision, creativity and drive to be the best. All are leaders in the Audiovisual industry, respected and admired by clients, vendors and peers.

Pro AV Solutions has united this national capability across five capital city locations with the combined strength of hundreds of professionals sharing the same passion, culture and vision to innovate and create solutions that capture the imaginations and exceed our clients expectations.

Powering up the benefits to our clients

  •     We are on the ground in every state with the full capacity to deliver your project on budget, on time and with a guarantee of excellence.
  •     Each state is empowered to make localised decisions quickly for total flexibility and lightning fast speed.
  •     We bring together the best minds, the most creative designers, the most proven systems and the latest technology.
  •     We have the capacity and capability to deliver the most complex audiovisual integration technologies and solutions.
  •     We have united resources and skills to offer Australia’s largest network of specialised staff – ideal for sharing innovation and problem solving.
  •     We deliver exceptional quality with proven support at great savings through our national and global relationships.
  •     We will support your organisation and can reduce your carbon and ecological footprint through our green technology and initiatives.

 The power of our truly national capability

The formation of Pro AV Solutions creates the most technically experienced audiovisual integrator operating on
a truly national basis.

Pro AV Solutions has the power to provide a sole-source solution for unified national audio and video systems integration fully resourced in each state without the need to rely on fly-in/fly-out resources.

Wherever your business operates, Pro AV Solutions are on the ground ready to give you the highest quality design, engineering and integration expertise with ongoing local and national maintenance and support.

Throughout Australia, Pro AV Solutions’ clients can achieve the best audiovisual integration solutions consistently, reliably and risk-free. Pro AV Solutions will deliver your project on time and on budget, with a guarantee of excellence.

Thinking nationally and acting locally improves our efficiency

Each Pro AV Solutions office operates its own fully resourced team. This means that each state office can make its own localised decisions quickly and can move easily and fluidly to clients’ changing needs and industry dynamics.
Our collective IQ benefits from the power of five

Pro AV Solutions brings together a collective of the best minds, the most creative designers, the most proven systems and the most up to the minute technology in the industry. This wealth of assets gives Pro AV Solutions the capacity and capability to power through the most complex audiovisual integration challenges.

Pro AV Solutions clients will benefit in so many ways; there are savings as Pro AV Solutions merge IP across
Australia with system developments, design and programming. Pro AV Solutions clients have access to the most advanced technology available, tested and proven through ongoing technology research and development.

With Australia’s largest network of specialised staff Pro AV Solutions unite resources and skills to deliver exceptional outcomes. Most importantly, there are huge gains in uniting innovation and problem solving. Pro AV Solutions are creating solutions that capture their clients’ imagination and exceed their expectations.