Whiteboarding Software

Software used for whiteboaridng, visual organisation, brainstorming, mind mapping

Silverfox – whiteboarding software for your browser

Xorro Silverfox is free whiteboarding software that runs in your browser.

There is no implementation effort to get started - and no effort at all to keep up to date with the latest versions! Silverfox runs in any browser on your Windows or Mac OS computers.

To use Silverfox: Just join the Xorro-Ed community. (free resource sharing for educators).

Wordvote: So much more than just a voting system

Wordvote enables you to use your Wordpad2 handsets with Powerpoint slideshows, adding so much more than just voting to your audience experience.

- Bundled with Wordpad2

- Complements Wordwall activity software

- Integrates with Powerpoint

- 8 different question types: Voting, ranking, text answer, etc


Wordwall helps any teacher create a teaching resource in less than a minute !

- 40 instant activity templates (ranking, brainstorming, flipcards etc etc
- Suits any IWB or interactive display, or any Windows computer
- Students can access your Wordwalls with their own devices....
.... or use Wordpad 2 clickers or Wordpad 7 tablets for the fully active classroom!

Workbook whiteboarding software

Workbook is whiteboarding software.

- Bring people together around a shared whiteboard document
- Train, teach, explain, demonstrate
- Create, conceptualise, organise ideas
- Organise and display information visually

Xorro-Q Audience Response

Motivate any audience from 10 to 100,000 people

Participate using mobile phones, tablets, computers

Add participation to your slide shows, presentations & lessons

Facilitate brainstorming & consultation workshops

Run quizzes, contests, live game shows