Classroom Accessories

Accessories include slates, Storyphones, audio systems, cables, widgets and gadgets…..

2Touch Lectern

All-in-one Lectern

- Suits large meeting rooms, portable

- Built-in audio

- Wooden pedestal design

- Gooseneck microphone

- Reading light

- Amazingly affordable !

2Touch Wireless Slate

Roam, collaborate & share - from anywhere in the room.

- A5 wireless slate

- 20 meters operating range

- Compact & lightweight

- Plug & play to any computer

Storyphone wireless listening posts

The StoryPhones System  is the first complete MP3 digital audio system designed for use in schools for children aged up to the age of 8. 

StoryPhones is a set of  six MP3 player headsets, a loud speaking MP3 player "Remote Console" with microphone, and a USB base unit. All of the players have rechargeable batteries so there are no more messy wires to tangle up or trip over. BookShelf software is included.

The possibilities of using StoryPhones to help develop children's listening, communication and literacy skills are endless!

Wordpad 2 Clickers: so much more than just voting!

The Wordpad2s clickers are dedicated handsets that allow Wordwall to be used as an audience response system. They have a QWERTY keypad and a 2-inch colour OLED screen. With Wordvote software, they can be used together with your Powerpoiint slideshows, providing audience involvement and assessment.

Wordpad 7 Tablet

The Wordpad7 is an all-purpose Android 4 tablet designed for schools. Wordpad7 comes preloaded with the Wordwall classroom participation app.