Wordvote: So much more than just a voting system

Wordvote enables you to use your Wordpad2 handsets with Powerpoint slideshows, adding so much more than just voting to your audience experience.

- Bundled with Wordpad2

- Complements Wordwall activity software

- Integrates with Powerpoint

- 8 different question types: Voting, ranking, text answer, etc

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The Wordvote software appears as an unobstrusive toolbarOur Wordvote software allows you to create assessments and surveys with the Wordpad2 handsets. It complements the Wordwall software by allowing you to use the Wordpad2 handsets in a totally different way.

Wordvote is a voting system: Using Wordvote, you create a series of questions and your audience is able to answer them at their own pace. This is perfect for assessments and surveys.  But, Wordvote is so much more!

There are 8 question types to choose from: Multiple choice, Accepted answer, Text, Number, Number scale, Rank order, Check list and Read me.

Wordvote can easily be integrated into your existing PowerPoint presentations. It’s a simple task to attach one or more questions to a particular slide, so that they are only available to your audience at the right moment.

Live results can be viewed at any point during the session and you can also access the final results after the session has end. Wordvote has built in graphing facilities and can also export into Excel and other formats.

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