Wordpad 2 Clickers: so much more than just voting!

The Wordpad2s clickers are dedicated handsets that allow Wordwall to be used as an audience response system. They have a QWERTY keypad and a 2-inch colour OLED screen. With Wordvote software, they can be used together with your Powerpoiint slideshows, providing audience involvement and assessment.

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So much more than just voting!

A clicker is a remote wireless handset. Each student or audience member holds one. A set of clickers is called an audience response system (ARS) or student response system (SRS). Some people just call them voting systems; Wordpad 2 however is so much more than this.

Wordpad2 clickers, or handsets, allow the students to navigate using arrow keys; enter free text as question responses or idea submissions; select objects on the screen and move these around to rank or position them…. and so much more.

The Wordpad2 handsets have an OLED screen and 39 QWERTY layout keys. They work with either our Wordwall or Wordvote software. The depth of experience they deliver is unlike any other clicker system available.

In Joypad Answer everyone can race around the screen to answer questions first.

Run an instant Poll in which you explore who voted for what.

Get your audience to put the suggestions in order with Rank order

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2013-03-17_200808The Wordwall PC software allows you to freedom to create, play and edit resources. Teachers use it to make interactive games and educational activities.

There are currently 33 templates and over 100 types of games and activities, with every one of them fully customisable with your own content. The software works with or without the Wordpad tablets and clickers.   Wordwall is a great complement to any interactive device: an interactive whiteboard or smartboard, or an interactive display.

Learn more about Wordwall

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wordvote-toolbarThe Wordvote software allows you to create assessments and surveys for use with the Wordpad2 clickers. It is particularly useful for tracking student progress or for interacting with large audiences.

You can create a series of self-paced questions with 8 types to choose from. The software integrates closely with PowerPoint and Excel.

Check it out on this video:

Learn more about Wordvote