2Touch Wireless Slate

Roam, collaborate & share - from anywhere in the room.

- A5 wireless slate

- 20 meters operating range

- Compact & lightweight

- Plug & play to any computer

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A wireless slate is the simplest way in which to access your computer from anywhere in the room.

It’s very lightweight, and portable – so you can carry it around easily in a satchel or briefcase, and connect it to any computer on the fly.2Touch Wireless Slate in use The RF connectivity from the 2Touch wireless slate provides a reliable 20 meters range from a hardy, simple to use portable surface.

One of the delightful qualities of this particular unit is it’s plug-and-play connectivity to any computer.  An RF dongle (included within the slat) is plugged into the USB port of any computer; a button on the dongle pressed to initiate “pairing”; a matching button on the slate is pressed…. and it’s done.  Moving the she stylus over the slate’s surface now performs all the mouse / touchpad functions you need, from anywhere in the room.

The slate runs from a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, lasting several days’ of continuous use and recharging off a usb cable connected to any computer.    The accompanying stylus uses a single AAA battery, which you can expect to last many weeks. Bundled with Workbook whiteboarding software (single user).