Unite 401: Ultra-tough laptops for kids

The Perfect Ultra-tough Laptop + Tablet Duo for Education.
Let's talk about team work. With an incredibly versatile 2-in-1 design, Unite 401 is the ideal student device for collaborative learning environments. The combination of a tablet and a notebook delivers the most powerful mobile solution for Education, empowered by safe design at the smartest price.

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IntelUnite_2014-06-13_091532Unite: Ultra Tough Laptops for Kids


  • Whether in tablet format or docked to use in laptop mode, students have all the tools to fully access and create educational content. Flexibility is guaranteed, so the choice is up to them!
  • The tablet features a 10.1″ capacitive touch screen, optimised for finger and stylus input;
  • Easily transition from tablet to laptop by attaching the keyboard docking station;
  • The stylus fits into the docking station.



  • Design is based on round edges and no sharp points;
  • Unite 401 features a built-in shock- and drop-resistant structure;
  • The keyboard docking station is tough with a spill-resistant design;
  • Theft-deterrent with TPM, a hardware-based security solution for assuring the greatest protection against theft.  Includes authentication, protected storage, and secure communications.


  • Portability is the key for fitting in with children’s unstoppable lifestyle.  Unite 401’s handle and adherent surface make it easy to carry and handle.
  • The ergonomic design also makes it very easy to stash Unite 401 inside a bag or backpack.


  • Featuring a front-facing HD camera and a full HD rear-facing camera, Unite 401 allows students to capture video and photography on the fly.  All the more to share with teachers and classmates!
  • The Thermal Probe transfers data received to the IES platform via the audio jack.
  • With its snap-on magnification lens, the webcam also works as a microscope for scientific assignments.


ThermalProbe_2014-07-09_160411Students go longer and do more when using Unite 401.  The longer battery time pays dividends in learning time and possibilities.

Because knowledge has no limits, the tablet has an internal capacity of 32GB.  Unite 401 also offers the option of up to 500GB of hard disk space on the docking station, for storing those big projects.


Powered by Windows 8.1: Supported by Unite’s touch interface, students can instantly and seamlessly connect to collaborate, living the magical new experience that is flipping our classrooms for more personal learning.

Intel Education Software: IES is bundled with Unite 401 to provide a range of resources and applications supporting personalised learning and classroom management.

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