Little Listener

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Robust, hand held, loud speaking MP3 player that is switch accessible!

Little Listener. Click to see larger image.

Little Listener. Click to see larger image.

The Little Listener provides an easy way for learners to listen out loud to their favourite audio stories, songs and games, both indoors and outdoors. It is a loud speaking MP3 player with built-in rechargeable, replaceable batteries; a built-in microphone for recording and switch accessibility.

Benefits and Features

  • Very robust and easy to use, no moving parts to break off
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Wire-Free, no more tangled or messy wires
  • Simple controls: Play/Pause/Stop, Skip Forward/Back, Record, Volume


Left: Little Listener feature and function annotations; right: in use by a child

  • Built-in microphone for recording
  • External switch Control
  • Volume mute
  • Headphones sockets
  • Can be linked to computer or whiteboard speakers
  • Two years warranty as standard
  • Available in six different colours: green, orange, purple, blue, yellow or red

A child listening to a Little Listener at a tableConnect Little Listener to your computer to:

  • Add and delete content
  • Organise MP3 tracks
  • Create Playlists and folders
  • Select either Continuous Play or Single Track modes
  • Disable the Record button

With all of these features on the Little Listener, your children can:

  • Listen to audio stories anywhere
  • Join in with singing songs
  • Use audio resources in role play areas
  • Take part in group listening activities
  • Listen without having to use control buttons
  • Make listening activities an easy, child led experience

Please note that the Little Listener is a stand alone player and does not have a remote control function for use with the StoryPhones Headsets.

Little Listener Specifications

  • 256MB Memory
  • 8hrs Continuous Play
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Fully charged in less than 2 hours

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